Independent character test BMW 650i Coupe

For sports cars , although the pursuit of performance is always the majority, but because of the embarrassing comfort, those who have top sports cars have to let their “baby” park in the garage all year round. Indeed, some people need a sports car that is fast enough to drive to the street every day. BMW has provided such a car to this group of people in its own car. It is spacious and luxuriously appointed, with powerful power and comfortable ride. This is the BMW 650i , which has 7-series luxury equipment, and the M3 can run out of it, and I prefer to call it an “executive sports car.”

Test the independent character of the BMW 650i Coupe

The BMW 6 Series has introduced a total of two models, the hard top and the soft top convertible, and each model offers two displacements (640i/650i), all equipped with a turbocharged engine (3.0T/4.4T). This year, Bao Ma 6 Department launched the Gran Coupe four-door coupe to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi A7 . At this point, the BMW 6 Series has covered the market range of 100-200 million SUVs and four-door RVs. The 650i Coupe is the highest bmw 650i car covers and reviews.

  • The appearance does not pursue “performance”. More shows the noble temperament

The BMW 6 series coupe is not the kind of car that can make eyeballs when you drive to the street. You can’t see the sly look of the sports car on its body. This is similar to the Mercedes-Benz CL . It gives you the feeling of being more “prestige”, and this subtle feeling makes it appear more connotation and grade.Like the previous generation 6 Series, the new 6 Series Coupé continues the forward and streamlined sport. Moderately weakened the tough lines of the previous generation, but more prominent luxury and elegant appearance. The slender hood, short front overhang, rear passenger compartment and a 74mm longer than the previous model and a 75mm longer wheelbase give the generation of the 6 Series Coupé a more elegant look.BMW still creates a sense of spaciousness on the front of the 6-series. It is indeed close to the width of the 7-series, which makes it more luxurious . And in terms of design, the new 6 Series has more spirit than the “sleepy eyes” of the previous model. On the BMW 650i Coupé, the grille is completely chrome-plated. On the 6-cylinder model, the interior is painted black.

○  Fantastic eyes: adaptive LED headlights

For more than a million models, bi- xenon headlights are naturally standard. However, when major brands are advancing their own high-tech equipment, BMW has also produced a set of convincing LED headlight assemblies. Although, it is only available as an option.This set of adaptive LED headlights includes LED “angel eyes” for parking lights and daytime running lights . The lower part and the upper part are flush, and the top edge is provided with a strong light that also uses LED technology. The LED units arranged along the central horizontal ribs of the light crown ring produce low beam and high beam illumination. The turn signal lights also use LED technology. Moreover, the cornering illumination also comes from a separate additional LED source within the dome, which can be controlled based on vehicle speed, steering angle and yaw rate. In a word, all the light sources in the headlights are LED technology.The body contour maintains the characteristics of the 6-series slender, and it feels more relaxed and elegant than the old one, and it is more round and smooth. The height of the car is reduced by 5mm. Although it does not reveal the “fierce” appearance of the sports car, it obviously has an aristocratic temperament.The tail is still the same, and BMW doesn’t like to equip the tail, but with a tight tail and a BMW-style taillight, it looks sexy enough. For the 650i, the four-out exhaust pipe is not strong, and all the design shows that it is intentionally converging, giving the impression that this is a slightly subtle sports car.The BMW 650i is equipped with a 19-inch wheel. The tires are available in front 245/40 R19 and rear 275/35 R19. Since BMW is usually equipped with an explosion -proof tire , this tire is very expensive and its size is scarce. It is not very good in the domestic market. Good to buy.

The BMW 6 Series was once one of the most brilliant cars in the BMW family. It was discontinued in 1976 and was discontinued in 1989. The 6 Series has proved to be one of the best BMW cars with more than 86,000 units. Today, more and more people have forgotten the models that have had such a glorious history, but BMW still remembers. So in 2004, 14 years later, the BMW Group decided to resurrect the 6-series models and regain the glory of the king.At the moment I got the new 2016 BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe, my mood was very exciting. The understated reveals a fascinating appearance, with powerful performance, and the traditional family-like elements also have a little escape style, which is the intuitive impression of the BMW 650i. It may be difficult to describe the charm of the car with words, but by observing, I can also read the delicate self-description of the designer’s sharp brushwork.

Tape soil

First of all, I would like to thank the Automotive Technology Evaluation Center for giving me the opportunity to participate in the test drive, especially the expensive coupe such as the BMW 650i. How to get it right has become a problem I have been thinking about for a few days before I got the car. Again and again, I decided to contact a friend Wu, who has not seen him for a long time.For the old Wu who is not as good as before, the co-pilot is not crowded. After adjusting the car seat, you can comfortably put your legs under the glove box. Even male passengers who like to sit in the open position will not feel uncomfortable. At this time, I just went to the bag in the back seat and took the right seat. After the boss of Wu, who is 175cm in size, straightens his long legs, the rear row still guarantees the range of knee movement in the regular sitting position.I asked Lao Wu how the car’s interior feels better than the X5. He said that it is definitely more refined than the X5. Whether it is the wood grain trim in the front central control area or the overall leather serif, it looks more upscale than the X5. . “I can feel the 650i Gran Coupe is more focused on the back row than the 650i Coupe. Although it is not equipped with too many entertainment facilities, the overall comfort and luxury experience is good. But it is pure luxury. The 7-series ratio is still almost meaning.” Old Wu said.As we chatted, we quickly arrived at Olin West Road. On the morning of the working day, Olin West Road is very quiet. Few cars are running on the road, making the flat three lanes look very spacious. We increased the speed on Olin West Road and tried some intense driving. The old Wu side kept saying “Yes, this is a BMW.” Indeed, as long as the speed is increased, BMW’s feeling of very strong handling is immediately reflected. Driving in the previous comfort mode, this V8 4.0T twin-turbo engine behaves like the new 7-series 4-cylinder 2.0T, which is still a decent, still decent. Especially when the sound insulation effect is very good, it is easy to ignore the vibration and sound caused by the engine when chatting in the car or putting soft music. But once switched to the sport mode, the response of the 8-cylinder engine is rapidly improved, and the ZF 8AT gearbox is quite excellent in gear adjustment, even making you feel that this is not the same performance that the same car should have.

In comfort mode, this power system will lock the upshift speed to less than 1700 rpm (usually 1500 rpm), and it will be very smooth in the urban and high-speed roads, if not always Observing the dashboard, it is hard to detect. In the sport mode, each gear will pull the speed up to 2500-3000 rev / min, which can help the driver when driving at high speed and overtaking the line. It is worth mentioning that the 650i is quite logical in comparison with the X6 xDrive 50i, which is also a V8 4.0T engine. During my overall test period, there was no accident of overtaking and slowing down at low speed. .After a few laps, Lao Wu said that the roadside stopped for a while, and we sat on the road to smoke and talk. “To be honest, it’s a bit tired. The car’s accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel are relatively hard. I didn’t feel it at the beginning, I could feel it when I opened it for a while. Compared to other models, the performance car. In this respect, the overall situation will be a bit harder, and it may still be considered from a security perspective.”I asked him how he evaluated the appearance of the car. He did not bother to answer me. Instead, he ran to the car and turned two turns.”Low-key, quite low-key. The matte white color is actually very good. The drawback is that it is more low-key than the bright paint. If you don’t observe it carefully, but you will only find it on the road, you will never find this car a performance coupe. Especially this is the four-door version of Gran Coupe, which has hidden its appearance very well, it is very suitable for playing pigs and eating tigers. The design elements are not much changed, the body is lower than the 357. Generally speaking, the lower the body, The fierce front face looks like an upright tiger and a tiger with a low posture. The latter is definitely more terrible. But because the headlights have uniquely treated the inner corner of the eye, it is very similar to the Chinese tradition. The Danfeng eye, the inner hook and the outer tip, reveals a sense of femininity. This is a good way to neutralize the design of sports cars that are often fierce and not suitable for female driving. They become more neutral and intellectual. ”

Sure enough, Lao Wu, who is a student of architectural design, is really sensitive to aesthetics. After the smoke was exhausted, we began to go back.

“The 650i’s central control system still uses the third-generation iDrive operating system. Basically, if you open a BMW, the learning cost is not very high. But if you use this system for the first time, it is estimated that there will be a long operation logic. The adaptation process. In fact, I personally do not like BMW’s map and navigation. Whether it is handwriting or using a disc, I feel that the input is not very convenient, and I don’t know how to search for the destination when I use it for the first time.Finally, we returned to the downstairs of the old Wu company. I asked him if he would consider the BMW 6 Series, he told me not. “Although I bought the X5 for various reasons, I still like the X6’s distinctive car. The 6 series is too low-key for me. To say who is more suitable for this car. I guess the invisible rich may buy it everyday. Driving a commuter car.”BMW 650i this car, on the power, it is not as good as the M4. On comfort, not as good as the 7 series. On Zhang Yang, it is no more fierce than the X5X6 personality. While taking into account the advantages of power, comfort and personalization, it also subtly hides the drawbacks caused by too extreme. Make a car without a short board and give it excellent conversion potential. Maybe this is BMW’s positioning for the 6 Series.